logo setup

Have a logo that you'd like us to use on your apparel? We'll take care of it for a one-time $20 setup fee


  • Professional in-house logo digitizing
  • Logo setup for embroidery
  • Logo setup for screen printing
  • A vector copy of your logo for future use/distribution

Why do I need my logo digitized?

Logos are images that represent you and your business, so you want it to look its best, right?  

Once your logo has been digitized it can be used virtually anywhere, providing you with cost effective advertising and company branding.


What does logo digitizing mean?

Digitizing a logo refers to a professional process in which your logo is converted into a computerized format. This gives you the ability to put your logo on anything while maintaining same resolution and quality regardless of its size.


How much does logo digitizing typically cost?

Logo digitizing can range in price from $50.00 - $150.00 depending on the complexity of your logo. This means our $20 setup is a steal.

If you're looking to get your logo embroidered, some companies will even charge by the stitch count.